Delphi Roundup | March 25th

Recent Research

📊 Market Note: DeFi’s Resurgence? – 3/24

  • There has been chatter surrounding a possible DeFi resurgence over the last several weeks. Previously, any such resurgence talks have been met with a local top in DeFi price action shortly thereafter. However, many truly believe that “this time is different.”

📊 Avoiding the Real Banking Iceberg – 3/23

  • This is a story about the evolution of economies, our reliance on debt, and the corner we’ve gradually backed ourselves into, leaving the best path forward a choice between two evils rather than a triumphant declaration of growth and prosperity.

📊 Trader Joe’s Novel Take on Concentrated Liquidity – 3/23

  • Trader Joe recently launched v2 of its decentralized exchange, called Liquidity Book. The LB design incorporates concentrated liquidity, akin to how Uniswap v3 works, that enhances capital efficiency for liquidity providers and reduces slippage for traders.

📊 Bull vs. Bear – The FOMC at the End of the Universe – 3/22

  • Immediately after Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell’s address at the end of the FOMC meeting, Kevin Kelly and Jason Pagoulatos stepped up to their microphones to present a timely Market Matters discussion.

📊 NFT Debrief – March 2023 – 3/20

  • This month: Yuga Labs’ first Ordinals collection “Twelvefold” rakes in 735 BTC (~$16M) in revenue, 0N1 Force gets acquired by Old Fashioned Research, and we dive deeper into Blur’s performance after their first airdrop.

Relevant Reminder

📌 Ethereum: Problem Solving with LSD – 3/15

  • A video guide to understanding the Ethereum liquid staking landscape; how different liquid staking mechanisms work and the risks to ETH liquid staking.
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