Delphi Roundup | May 24th

Recent Research

📊 Market Note: INJ – 5/23

  • The day of the Avalanche Rush announcement led to a 28% gain for the AVAX token, followed by a nearly sixfold surge in price over the subsequent three months.
  • This success didn’t go unnoticed, prompting other L1 platforms to launch similar programs in an attempt to replicate Avalanche’s success.
  • We explored the impact of such programs for Fantom, Harmony, NEAR, and Injective.
  • Injective Protocol will have to bootstrap organic activity and demand for it to continue its momentum, or else it too will likely meet the fate of its cousins.

📊 Voltz, IPOR, and the Next Wave of Interest Rate Derivatives – 5/22

  • Interest rate projects have struggled mightily to attract liquidity, and seemed forgotten about towards the end of 2022.
  • Voltz and IPOR have emerged to bring interest rate swaps to DeFi and are replenishing the momentum for the interest rate derivatives space as a whole.
  • Voltz is a non-custodial interest rate swap protocol on Ethereum and Arbitrum.
  • IPOR Labs is building an IRD ecosystem consisting of the IPOR index, IPOR AMM, and asset management contracts centered around the IPOR rate — a crypto-native spin on the LIBOR and SOFR indices. 

Relevant Reminder

📌 Bull v Bear – The Trader’s Perspective – 5/17

  • This week, we got Jason’s insights on maneuvering through crab, bull, and bear markets and the tactics suitable for various market participants. Tune in for a unique look into the world of trading.
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