SUI Continues 2024 Outperformance

*disclosure: have open sui position First off, Sui is pronounced “Swee” and not “Suey”. I know this is critical information that most people
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update here: unlock is actually end of may/early june, "end of march" in original post is wrong. i've edited.

adding this paper on sui's new consensus Mysticeti (h/t Christof D). this is what was referenced in the tweet from the CTO describing the fast path.

Nice post, enjoyed reading this. I'm watching for organic NFT communities to form on Sui. Would be one of the things in my checklist for Sui to follow Solana's trajectory.

just saw this on X. I feel underexposed...

it's not that surprising given that even stable pools are crazy incentivized. the wormhole usdc/usdt is 30% apr from mostly all sui rewards right now. tbd how effective this will be in the long run.

adding a link here around mev on chains that uses narwhal (was just published today). the critical differentiator is how narwhal uses multiple proposers vs other leader-based consensus mechanisms with a single proposer.

I had in my notes from my first pass due diligence of SUI this weekend to understand; 1) What MEV looks like on this new generation of chain with near instant consensus, 2) understand the unlocks coming up, 3) Look into where the yield incentivizing is coming from, 4) Find a very detailed description of the two consensus mechanisms. Ceteris hit on all of these in one post! That’s one hell of a head of research!! Lol

All that’s left now is to dig into the GitHub and Dev channels on the Discord. If anyone has links to good blogs, or Substacks that go deep into the technical Workings of the moveVM please point me to them.

By the way, token terminal had a recent podcast (it’s on YouTube) with the cofounder of SUI, he lays out an incredible vision for the Blockchain. I highly recommend it to everyone. It’s well worth the hour. It pretty much has changed how I’m looking at this bull cycle and what the next one or two years could look like. He essentially says all EVM chains will never be able to scale. SUI is focused on three categories, branding/marketing, finance, Gaming. Instead of starting with crypto devs and building things from scratch, start with established devs that already know their business and bring them on chain.

SUI has had a bit of a run up, but this could be the start of the industry pivoting to this new generation of block chains, I see a brighter future in these projects, then anything happening on Ethereum.