TreasureDAO: A Decentralized Gaming Ecosystem

Arbitrum has done well to prosper throughout a tumultuous 2022 and into 2023. The number of active addresses using the L2 has increased by 333% from the start of the new year and the number of daily transactions has risen by as much as 3,361% since 2022. Part of this was due to the number of quality dApps building on the protocol growing and part of it was because of the speculative rumors surrounding the potential ARB token airdrop intensifying. On March 16th, Arbitrum officially confirmed the token drop and opened claim checks on its website. Five days later, a gaming-focused project called TreasureDAO shared that they would become one of the largest recipients of the ARB airdrop.

TreasureDAO is the 5th largest entity on Arbitrum by transactions and log occurrences. This decentralized gaming ecosystem has amassed 100k unique active wallets, over $250M in trading volume on one of Arbitrum’s largest NFT marketplaces, and represents 95% of all gaming and NFT transactions on the network.

This report will outline the past, present, and potential future for one of the most promising Web3 gaming ecosystems you may have never heard of.

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