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If anyone uses the tool, let me know how it went for you - there is a team still working on improvements.

I think the pressure has been mounting. I think we saw Warren pivot this year when her anti-crypto messaging wasnt resonating with her constituents... so that is something. We definitely have our work cut out to fight political apathy among younger voters to make more noise from a grassroots perspective (the pro-crypto crowd has historically been especially apathetic/down on politics) ... I think another issue historically is the space hasnt been in a position to coordinate as well as other industries (decentralized/competing factions) but over the last 1-2 years there have been more advocacy orgs working on this - including letter writing infra to make it easier to let your reps know how you feel with minimal effort. For instance, Coinbase put together resources like this: Coinbase legislative portal where you can look up and email your rep to support crypto.

Yea there are some really interesting dynamics at play - I think there are some really compelling arguments for crypto for dems, especially from an antitrust perspective and a hedge against too big to fail (should get traction with the anti-big bank crowd)... but these haven't taken hold. I think the biggest division is ultimately going to be age rather than political party though - the younger dems get it (Torres is pretty much becoming a champion) and others are coming on board... it is the older reps - some want immediate use cases (not potential ones) that help their constituents (read: the lower/middle-class, single moms, farmers, union workers etc) to get them on board and others are part of this contingent in the Biden admin that are fiercely anti-tech/finance and want the US to return to being an industrial power (reclaim worker/union votes) -- this group has done the most harm to crypto and is aligned with Gensler.

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