Andrej Radonjic: Grass's Two Million Data Scraping Users Enabling Crypto x AI on Solana

APR 22, 2024 • 66 Min

Tom Shaughnessy
Tom Shaughnessy
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GRASS ( is a viral crypto AI project built on Solana that aims to scrape and validate internet data for AI training. The name ‘GRASS’ was chosen for its memeability and metaphors. The project addresses the scarcity of quality data and the control of web data by a few companies. It also tackles the unfairness of companies scraping data from residential networks without compensating users. GRASS is a network of 2 million devices that scrape and clean web data in real-time. The data collected by GRASS can be used for training specialized AI models, fine-tuning models, and real-time inference. GRASS is a web scraping protocol that aims to democratize access to public web data and enable the creation of AI models. The protocol allows users to download a browser extension or mobile app that scrapes data from websites and contributes it to the GRASS network. The data is then validated and stored on a decentralized network of nodes. GRASS aims to provide transparent and verifiable data, ensuring fairness and preventing bias in AI models. The protocol is built on the Solana blockchain for its speed, scalability, and innovation.


00:00 – Introduction to GRASS

17:00 – Utilizing GRASS Data for AI Models and Inference

26:04 – Amassing Users and the Mission of GRASS

34:26 – Transparency and Privacy in Data Collection

44:36 – Tracking and Authenticating Data Sources

55:05 – Representing Every Region and Culture

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Tom Shaughnessy
Tom Shaughnessy