Delphi Roundup | March 30th

Recent Research

πŸ“Š TreasureDAO: A Decentralized Gaming Ecosystem – 3/30

  • TreasureDAO is the 5th largest entity on Arbitrum by transactions and log occurrences. This report will outline the past, present, and potential future for one of the most promising Web3 gaming ecosystems you may have never heard of.

πŸ“Š Check the Chain – P1: Scoping the Cosmos Starmap – 3/30

  • In this special two-part episode of Check the Chain, Medio hosts Ceteris and Jordan as they scope the current Cosmos ecosystem.

πŸ“Š Finding the Edge – 3/28

  • Edge is a repeatable process in which a trader can expect to make money over time, net of costs and fees. We broke down different ways of looking at edge in the context of financial markets.

πŸ“Š Braindrops: Pioneering the AI Art Movement – 3/27

  • The world has been enthralled by AI this year, and for good reason; AI is a species-level shift that could shape the rest of our lives. Riding on this theme, AI art is poised to be one of the defining mediums of the digital art revolution.

Relevant Reminder

πŸ“Œ Avoiding the Real Banking Iceberg – 3/23

  • This is a story about the evolution of economies, our reliance on debt, and the corner we’ve gradually backed ourselves into, leaving the best path forward a choice between two evils rather than a triumphant declaration of growth and prosperity.
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